Saturday, July 7, 2007

Brighton's Journey - by Greg Holden

B eginning a new life.

There were two volunteers that saved me at the last minute from a shelter near the Illinois/Indiana border. IBR stepped in and transported me to a safe foster home. I was moved around, scared at times, and finally ended up at a home in southern Wisconsin.

R isking the heartbreak of attachment.

It was here, at this foster home that I fell in love. I felt secure and safe. It had been a long time. I had Libby and Sherman to play with and a great family with grandkids. Swimming in the pond. I loved everyday. Everyday was perfect.

I magining a permanent home

I knew that I was in a foster home. Libby and Sherman would tell me stories about some of the other dogs that they had known. Watson and Simon had visited in the past. They never teased me or were mean to me in any way. They knew and they tried to make me feel at home but I knew. I knew that this was not my home. I knew in my heart that I would find my own special family. Someday. I hoped.

G iving all of my love

I would wake everyday, sometimes on the bed with my foster Mom and Dad, and sometimes on the floor with Libby and Sherman. It was great. I was happy all of the time. Once I even fell asleep on the back of the chair. Maybe I thought that I was a cat. I loved being around everyone. I think they loved being around me. I know they did. I was a great dog.

H ome at last

I remember the day. I was a nice day outside. There was some snow left on the ground. The sun was shining. My foster Mom and Dad took me for a ride. I was hoping so much that I was going to my new furever home. It was. The first to greet me was Jura. She was gorgeous. Could this be it? It was. The 3 kids came outside to see me followed closely by Marty and Bill. I was home. Finally.

T ouched and loved

It was early March 2007. I think that was the luckiest dog ever. What a great family. The children are great. I loved being hugged and petted all of the time. This home was perfect. The yard had so many places to explore. I even liked the cats, Spike and Winston. I loved the way that Marty would always greet me and Bill would give me just a little extra attention when Jura wasn’t looking.

O utburst of emotions

I wasn’t feeling good for some time. I tried to not let it show but the pain was almost more then I could hide. They knew that I was not feeling well and tried everything they could to help me. I knew that they all loved me so much. There were tears and hugs. I remember that it was a long good bye. I was ready. I will miss all of them.

N othingness

I remember feeling dizzy then nothing at all. The pain was gone. No fear. Peace at last.

B right lights

I first saw the lights right after the pain stopped. They were close but it seemed that it took me a long time. I was there. I could see so many that knew me. Knew me from somewhere.

R ainbow Bridge

As I crossed the bridge the first to greet me were Angus and Coupar. They were Marty and Bill’s Gordon Setters that Winston and Spike told me about. I shared my stories with everyone around me. This is a nice place. I like it here.

I mmortality

There is a certain feeling that I have here. It is one continuous day. It is all fun, no worries, and many new friends. I am happy. I am so happy.

G ardens

I run in the gardens all of the time. There are birds and butterflies, people and dogs. There are children riding bikes and swinging on the swings. There is so much to see and explore.

H appiness

It’s a state of mind. I love it. I am so happy here.

T errestrial

I do miss all of the families that helped me find my home. Most of all I miss my family, the Buchans. I can only hope that they do not grieve for me for too long. I am in a better place and waiting for that day sometime many long years from now that one of them crosses the Rainbow Bridge and I am there to greet them just as Angus and Coupar were there to greet me. The Triplets, the cats, and Jura need a new friend to take my place.

O verwhelmed

It is something that happens to all of us. It could be from grief, from happiness, from excitement, from anticipation, or from fear. I have felt all of these sensations in my short life. It is nice to be at a peaceful and wonderful place.

N ever ending

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Dana Patten said...

Although we never met you Brighton, we know from Pat & Greg what a wonderful dog you were. Please give love to our beloved Zack who went over the rainbow bridge 1 1/2 years ago.
Much love,
Jack, Dana, Duke & Bo