Sunday, July 8, 2007

Please Help!

The Buchan family spent over $4,000 in emergency vet care and surgery cost trying to save Brighton's life. If you would like to help this family with the huge vet bills, please send any donation in Brighton's memory directly to the Buchan family:

Mr. & Mrs. Buchan
23744 North Elm Rd
Lincolnshire, IL 60069

We thank you in advance for your support, which is greatly appreciated!!

Illinois Birddog Rescue

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Our Hearts are breaking...

Brighton had found his perfect forever home. Sadly Brighton's time with his new family was cut suddenly short, when it was discovered that he had an aggressive form of cancer. Greg, Brighton's foster dad reported the sad news:

We are still wiping our eyes.
I amazes us that having a dog in your foster care for only a month or so can have such an impact when something bad happens after they leave your care.
Please, everyone give your dogs and foster dogs a hug for Brighton and then give each other a hug.
Here is the copy of the email that we just received from Brighton's family:

We have some very sad news... After much discussion with the doctors, Brighton was put to sleep about 8 pm this evening. After a long good-bye, Bill and I were there holding him, and it was very peaceful and quiet. He didn't suffer, and was surrounded by love. We had such a short time together and he made such an amazing impact on our whole family... He was so strong until the very end - never once showing the pain he must have been through. We'll never know what his life was like before, but Brighton will always be in our hearts; we are so thankful that the Holden's and we were able to give him a peaceful, loving last few months. He had such a wonderful, gentle nature, and gave so much to our family... He will be greatly missed. Our kids absolutely adored him and he was so patient and gentle with them. He actually settled our Gordon Setter down within a day or two of joining our family - amazing! Jura is quite unsettled now, as Brighton's been away from home since Monday morning.

We found out about lunch-time from the oncologist that the samples taken from Brighton's liver and intestine mass were a cancerous lymphoma and that there was little that could be done for him. I visited him early this morning and he seemed a bit more perky (the doctor later explained that this was from the fluids and protein he received overnight). I took him for a short walk outside to just spend time together, which was really encouraging. When the kids and I all went to visit him about 1:30, he was very lethargic, and even had to stop two times to rest to get from the back area to the front visitation rooms... His belly was quite distended and he was much worse than when I saw him in the morning. Had he been able to eat and function on his own, he might have been able to go home on prednisone, but his condition had deteriorated to where this wasn't an option.

Please know that Brighton isn't hurting anymore and was truly loved by our whole family. He leaves a huge void in our lives...

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

Marty & Bill Buchan

The entire Illinois Birddog Rescue family of volunteers is mourning for Brighton and is sending their deepest Sympathy to the Buchan family.

Brighton's Journey - by Greg Holden

B eginning a new life.

There were two volunteers that saved me at the last minute from a shelter near the Illinois/Indiana border. IBR stepped in and transported me to a safe foster home. I was moved around, scared at times, and finally ended up at a home in southern Wisconsin.

R isking the heartbreak of attachment.

It was here, at this foster home that I fell in love. I felt secure and safe. It had been a long time. I had Libby and Sherman to play with and a great family with grandkids. Swimming in the pond. I loved everyday. Everyday was perfect.

I magining a permanent home

I knew that I was in a foster home. Libby and Sherman would tell me stories about some of the other dogs that they had known. Watson and Simon had visited in the past. They never teased me or were mean to me in any way. They knew and they tried to make me feel at home but I knew. I knew that this was not my home. I knew in my heart that I would find my own special family. Someday. I hoped.

G iving all of my love

I would wake everyday, sometimes on the bed with my foster Mom and Dad, and sometimes on the floor with Libby and Sherman. It was great. I was happy all of the time. Once I even fell asleep on the back of the chair. Maybe I thought that I was a cat. I loved being around everyone. I think they loved being around me. I know they did. I was a great dog.

H ome at last

I remember the day. I was a nice day outside. There was some snow left on the ground. The sun was shining. My foster Mom and Dad took me for a ride. I was hoping so much that I was going to my new furever home. It was. The first to greet me was Jura. She was gorgeous. Could this be it? It was. The 3 kids came outside to see me followed closely by Marty and Bill. I was home. Finally.

T ouched and loved

It was early March 2007. I think that was the luckiest dog ever. What a great family. The children are great. I loved being hugged and petted all of the time. This home was perfect. The yard had so many places to explore. I even liked the cats, Spike and Winston. I loved the way that Marty would always greet me and Bill would give me just a little extra attention when Jura wasn’t looking.

O utburst of emotions

I wasn’t feeling good for some time. I tried to not let it show but the pain was almost more then I could hide. They knew that I was not feeling well and tried everything they could to help me. I knew that they all loved me so much. There were tears and hugs. I remember that it was a long good bye. I was ready. I will miss all of them.

N othingness

I remember feeling dizzy then nothing at all. The pain was gone. No fear. Peace at last.

B right lights

I first saw the lights right after the pain stopped. They were close but it seemed that it took me a long time. I was there. I could see so many that knew me. Knew me from somewhere.

R ainbow Bridge

As I crossed the bridge the first to greet me were Angus and Coupar. They were Marty and Bill’s Gordon Setters that Winston and Spike told me about. I shared my stories with everyone around me. This is a nice place. I like it here.

I mmortality

There is a certain feeling that I have here. It is one continuous day. It is all fun, no worries, and many new friends. I am happy. I am so happy.

G ardens

I run in the gardens all of the time. There are birds and butterflies, people and dogs. There are children riding bikes and swinging on the swings. There is so much to see and explore.

H appiness

It’s a state of mind. I love it. I am so happy here.

T errestrial

I do miss all of the families that helped me find my home. Most of all I miss my family, the Buchans. I can only hope that they do not grieve for me for too long. I am in a better place and waiting for that day sometime many long years from now that one of them crosses the Rainbow Bridge and I am there to greet them just as Angus and Coupar were there to greet me. The Triplets, the cats, and Jura need a new friend to take my place.

O verwhelmed

It is something that happens to all of us. It could be from grief, from happiness, from excitement, from anticipation, or from fear. I have felt all of these sensations in my short life. It is nice to be at a peaceful and wonderful place.

N ever ending

Sweet Memories of Brighton

A cute, playful boy in his loving home...

First meeting with fur sister Jura...

Jura and Brighton: Best Buddies!
...loved by the entire family!
Playtime at home...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Happy Boy!

Brighton is doing great!
I’ve attached a few photos of Brighton, Jura (our Gordon Setter who looks like an English Setter) and the kids…

Brighton has settled in very well; he and Jura are the best of friends, except that Jura is often pestering him to be more active… Poor Brighton just wants to kick back and relax, and Jura wants desperately to run around and play! With a bit of reminding, Jura relents and gives Brighton a break and time to himself… J

The kids are crazy about Brighton, as he’s so calm and settled compared to Jura… They spend a lot of time just snuggling with Brighton, and he soaks it all up…

He’s a great addition to our family, and has a lot of playmates between Jura and the kids… He’s gotten Jura to just settle in the afternoon and evenings in our Game Room or Living Room, which she was never known to do before (always on the go in some respect!), so he’s been a great calming influence on our crazy household!

Thanks for keeping in touch, and I’ll try to send more photos as we get them…

Take care,


Update from Brighton's new Home!

Hi Guys,
Brighton is settling in really well... He and Jura spent some time this afternoon getting to know each other a bit, and have already been snuggled up napping together! :-)

Brighton is really gentle with the kids and we've already seen a settling effect on Jura inside (although he's taken over her favorite sleeping spot)...
Brighton will be a great addition to our family, and we're all really taken with him. He seems pretty settled with things and is a very adaptable guy!
Thanks to all of you for all the great work you do! We're really lucky to have found Brighton; he's got such a great temperament and personality, and we're thankful to Greg and Pat for the fantastic care and love they've shown him...
We'll keep in touch...
Best Regards,
Marty & Bill Buchan

Brighton's Forever Home to be...

This is Brightons new fur sister, Jura.
Brighton's new backyard. This will be a great place to explore.

Saying Goodbye is never easy!

Brighton had to have one last nap with his buddy Sherman.
Shadie is trying to keep Brighton from leaving.

Making himself right at home!

Here is Brighton. Napping in his favorite chair. Sometimes alone or with whatever visitor is around.
This is Sydney with Brighton. Both passed out after some rough playing.

Not the shy kind...

It has taken a few minutes for Brighton to warm up to my wife, Patricia (yes I really do have a wife), but he is getting into his comfort zone.

Brighton's First Two Days in Foster Care

Brighton is now in Wisconsin. He loves the backyard. First thing this morning he decided to take a swim in the pond. He loved it. I wish I would have had the camera. My guess is that I wiill get another chance. Libby is warming up to him in her own way. When we are around she growls and barks at him. When they are outside they are chasing and playing. Sherman has no problem. Brighton seems like a good fit with our dogs.
Brighton & Sherman on Day 2. Buds already!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Welcome! I am Brighton, an English Setter, and at best guess I'm about a year old. I am a very friendly boy. I was dropped off at a shelter and never picked back up. IL Birddog heard about me and it just so happen two volunteers were able to coordinate there schedules and get me! I was literally a last minute save. But enough about that, lets get to the good stuff. I am in a foster home with four other dogs and I get along well with them. I love kids! I have been around children as young as one year old and I love the attention they give me. I am cat friendly, I like to try to play with them. So that is who I am. I love people of all ages, other dogs, and cats. I am full of energy and always ready for fun. My current foster mom and dad are still learning about me, so check back for updates and if you are interested fill out an application. And don't forget to look at the other dogs in the rescue too! I'm sure there is a perfect companion in the rescue for you! Setter Smiles, Brighton.